Prezent named as Best Enterprise Communication Platform in 2024 at the Business Excellence Awards

Improve communication and collaboration across your organization with Prezent, nominated for Best Enterprise Communication Platform.


Emily Branch





Emily Branch

Our CEO and Founder, Rajat Mishra has never been afraid of a challenge. Moving to the US with just $800 USD in his pocket, to build a company that serves over 80 Fortune 2000 companies. 

Prezent began with a $1M investment of his own money. After demonstrating a clear product-market fit, the team was able to raise a $4.3M seed round and a $20M Series A right before the Ukraine crisis hit.

Fast forward to 2024, and Prezent has won the eighth annual 'Business Excellence Award' from Acquisition International for the Best Enterprise Business Communication Platform 2024 in the United States. 

Let’s take a closer look at this award and why we couldn’t be prouder about reaching this milestone. 


The Business Excellence Awards 2024 

Acquisition International launched in 2010 to deliver business knowledge, insights and news to professional executives. Its monthly magazine is circulated to over 85,000 professionals, including top-tier managers, investment professionals, business advisers and service providers.

2024 marks the eleventh edition of the magazine’s Business Excellence Awards, designed to recognize the hard work of companies that tirelessly strive for success. Across every industry, there are game-changing organizations that are committed to revolutionizing their sector, from start-ups to family-run firms, to larger conglomerates. 

The Business Excellence Awards aims to highlight these top achievers. This year, the awarding body places particular emphasis on the fact we’re currently experiencing a pivotal moment of change thanks to the increased influences of technologies such as AI and Machine Learning, seeking to reward industry leaders who demonstrate unmatched levels of innovation and continue to provide excellent services and products for consumers. 
We’re delighted that Prezent won the ‘Best Enterprise Business Communication Platform’ at this year's awards, highlighting the importance of supercharging professional communication with innovative tech solutions. 

How Prezent Is Transforming Business Communication 

From an overreliance on industry jargon, and a lack of awareness of how to convey new ideas to information overload, there are many reasons why business communication in the workplace often falls short. 

In addition, empathy gaps, unstructured thoughts, or language barriers, lead to lost ideas and slowed decision-making.

All of these barriers can add up to have a serious impact on the agility and performance of enterprises, and can end up costing more than 18% of the total salaries paid each year

Prezent was founded to democratize access to business communication excellence, made possible at scale thanks to AI and automation technologies. Our business communication platform creates presentation masterpieces overnight that are always adapted for the audience in question, whether that’s a room of time-poor C-suite executives or disengaged junior hires. 

In addition, our AI-powered super assistant, ASTRID, offers automatic, intelligent help with compliance, storytelling and the strength of visual designs. 

In addition to supporting the individual communication needs of professional executives, we also work with organizations to deliver masterclasses that share the science of great communication to the wider team. 

In recognition of our extraordinary success over the last few years, Prezent has pledged 1% of the company's equity to help underprivileged children realize their potential. In addition, we donate a dollar to No Kid Hungry for every new Fingerprint profile created and a dollar for every overnight slide to the Adruta Children's Home and the Sonia Nabeta Foundation. 

We’re extremely grateful to everyone who has supported our vision so far and look forward to reaching the next milestones in business communication excellence together.

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