Merge diverse content into a executive and compelling summary

The Synthesize feature allows you to effortlessly combine elements such as text, images, charts, and videos into a unified presentation. Whether you're merging various file formats or integrating diverse styles, Synthesize ensures flawless integration that's in tune with your message and brand. Simply upload your content to receive a tailored executive summary, customized to your preferences.

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Choose different types of content slides to synthesize into executive summary slides.

With Synthesize, you have a wide array of content options. From texts and images to charts and videos, easily turn your choices into polished, professional slides.

Craft and harmonize your chosen content to evoke the desired emotions and tone.

Leverage intuitive tools to place and finesse each element, achieving a design that not only appeals visually but also emotionally connects with your audience.

Preview and finalize your synthesized slide, ready to impress.

The Synthesize feature guarantees that all elements come together in a unified design, reflecting your message with clarity and creativity.