Auto Generator

Use prompts to generate hyper-personalized, on-brand decks in minutes



Editable in PowerPoint

Multiple drafts in minutes

Build the first draft of your presentation with a single prompt

Share your business context in a few lines, and ASTRID AI builds the first draft of your deck in seconds.

ASTRID AI doesn't just recognize your instructions. It tailors the visuals to your desired audience, applies your company's brand guidelines and adds content based on communication best practices.

Create multiple drafts with smart tools

Creating multiple variations of your deck is a breeze, thanks to the Smart Toolbar. You can effortlessly tweak the number of slides to match the scope of your presentation, switch between different brand templates to alter the visual theme, or replace images to refresh the overall look.

There's also the option to auto-magically adjust the layout of any slide, ensuring your content is presented in the most engaging way possible. Or select a different audience to get a different version tailored to their preferences.

Refine your deck with additional context, then edit seamlessly in PowerPoint

Provide additional input in the form of text, documents or weblinks to regenerate a deck tailored to your situation and content.

Add the refined deck to your Prezent library for easy access later, or download it directly to your desktop to edit in Powerpoint.

Trusted by the Fortune 2000

Trusted by the Fortune 2000