Transform existing content into stunning new content

Make your existing presentations compliant with your brand template, create execute summaries, or give your slides a professional look, all with the help of ASTRID AI.

Elevate your presentations instantly

Template Converter

Convert your slides into any of your brand templates, while staying 100% brand compliant

Template Converter revolutionizes the way presentation decks are made brand compliant, turning a traditionally tedious task into a few simple clicks. It allows you to easily transform any Frankenstein deck to match a desired brand template by analyzing and adjusting thousands of elements - from fonts and colors to images and footers.

Powered by ASTRID AI, it evaluates your deck's compliance, suggests improvements, and can even automatically replace non-compliant images with suitable ones from your brand library.

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Generate concise, brand-aligned executive summaries for your presentations effortlessly

With Synthesis, you can quickly produce a succinct, 1-page executive summary slide that captures the essence of detailed presentations, perfectly tailored to the needs of executives and stakeholders.

Simply upload your presentation, and Synthesis will sift through the deck to identify the key points, synthesizing them into a well-designed slide based on your chosen executive summary framework. Tailor the tone, emotion or visuals to reach your desired style.

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Add designer-quality polish to your existing slides with a single click

Redesign transforms your presentations with ease, offering a seamless way to refresh the look and feel of your slides. By leveraging Prezent's ASTRID AI, the tool intelligently recommends layouts that best fit your content, ensuring your presentation not only stands out but also aligns with your branding.

Beyond just a visual makeover, Redesign enables personalized adjustments through smart tools. You can tailor the layout, target audience, and overall template, and even swap out images with choices from your brand library.

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Trusted by the Fortune 2000

Trusted by the Fortune 2000