Create hyper-personalized, on-brand presentations in seconds

Cut down the time spent on the narrative and design aspects of presentations. Build a presentation shell or a fully formed deck for your business context with a few clicks.

Streamline your presentation creation process

Slide Library

Access 35K+ slides in your company brand-approved designs and fill in with your ideas

Each slide in the library adheres to your company's brand guidelines, including fonts, colors, icons, and images. This ensures a professional and consistent look across all presentations within your organization.

Access slides suited for various business concepts, such as executive summary and agenda. Find slides based on your target audience or the visual layout such as a funnel or a bar graph. Customize the visuals or the number of messages you want to convey. The possibilities are endless.

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Story Builder

Access 1000+ expert-curated storylines to build a new presentation shell in seconds

70% of the time spent on creating a presentation goes into creating its shell - from the story outline to individual slide design. Story Builder drastically reduces this time by enabling you to build the framework of a presentation in under two minutes.

By selecting the target audience and a relevant storyline, you lay down a structured narrative path for your presentation, ensuring your content unfolds logically and engagingly on each slide.

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Auto Generator

Use prompts to generate hyper-personalized, on-brand decks in minutes

Enter your business context and audience details, and ASTRID AI instantly generates a draft aligned with your company's branding and tailored to your audience's preferences.

Use the smart toolbar to create multiple drafts effortlessly. Change the images, template or add more context to generate the perfect presentation for your next meeting.

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Trusted by the Fortune 2000

Trusted by the Fortune 2000