Brand consistency is king

Powerful, consistent communication is necessary for every part of your brand. Don’t let fate decide what your brand identity will be without you.


Rajat Mishra

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Building presentations


Rajat Mishra

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You had some great reasons for choosing your initial company name and logo. Your brand identity coalesced around it early on, and you ran with it. 

You never thought you’d have to ask how to rebrand a company because, at the beginning of your company’s operations, your brand identity worked well for you. At least it didn’t cause any problems.

Now your company has evolved. Maybe your products are different. Perhaps you’re reaching a customer base you never expected to. Or you’re reaching your customers in a way that doesn’t feel cohesive with your name and logo anymore.

So, you’ve decided to rebrand. Let’s discuss why consistency is king when choosing your new brand identity.

Key takeaways

  • Rebranding must be a holistic process that considers every aspect of a brand’s identity, from visuals to messaging.
  • The execution of a rebranding effort has to be uniform across all arms of your company.
  • Make use of pre-approved brand templates for presentations and communications.

What is a brand identity?

Many online articles talk about brands and identities only regarding a company’s visual assets.

Visual elements are certainly the most important part of a brand. A company’s logo is the first thing customers think of when they think of that company. There’s no denying this.

Yet, visuals are not the only element of a brand’s identity. They are just the most immediate.

Graphic showing elements of a brand’s identity that are important to consider when asking how to rebrand a company.
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A brand’s identity is a collection of a brand’s visuals, name, products, history, customer service, promotional merchandise, company swag, vision, message, goals, and actions. 

A company doesn’t always control how customers perceive its brand identity. As terrifying as that might sound, it’s good for us in the business world. 

It means that it’s genuine if customers like you and respond positively to your brand. It means you’re doing something right, and people are forming their own opinion about your brand—preferably a good one.

On the other hand, if enthusiasm is lacking and bottom-line results are disappointing, that might be your sign to change directions.

How to ensure a consistent brand identity

As Meta’s share price tumble has recently proven, rebranding a company comes with big risks. The bigger the rebrand, the more chances you undertake.

Before committing to your new brand, take these steps to ensure every part of your company knows what identity you’re trying to project and how to achieve it.

Identify your ideal customer and how to speak to them

A graphic explaining how to create a customer persona is important when learning how to rebrand a company.
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The most important thing about brand identity is whether customers can positively engage with and relate to it.

Try answering these simple questions to narrow down your ideal customer base and learn how to speak to them:

  • Who are your best customers? 
  • What work do they usually do?
  • What do they do in their free time?
  • How do they usually find out about you? 
  • Why should they like your products? 
  • How will buying your products change them?

Reveal the right identity by asking the right questions

The best way to determine the right brand identity for your company is to figure out what exactly makes up your brand. The best way to do this is by asking questions that illuminate your vision.

  • What do customers currently love about your brand? 
  • What do they not care for?
  • Are you speaking the right language to reach your ideal customers?
  • Are your logo, message, and voice cohesive with the sphere you want to reach?

Example: If customers enjoy your products and customer service but can’t identify your logo consistently because it’s so generic, you immediately have a direction to explore.

Once you’ve identified the type of brand identity you’d like to curate, it’s time to ensure consistency across your organization.

Create brand-compliant templates with Prezent

Once you’ve taken the time to design a brand logo using a logo maker, the next step is to ensure that every part of your organization is on board with it. Since your brand identity involves more than just your logo and name, it’s also crucial that your intra-organizational messaging and tone fits with the new identity.

We recommend kickstarting your company’s brand compliance by crafting some easy-to-use templates. These will help your employees understand the reason for rebranding and how to best present the new brand to customers.

Set the perfect stage of a rebrand by investing in a platform that will help you ensure brand compliance and make it easy for your employees to stay on message. If your company is rebranding, or if you’re just interested in projecting a more consistent and compliant brand identity, Prezent can help.

Prezent is an AI-powered presentation productivity platform that helps enterprise teams create beautiful, brand-approved slides that combine audience preferences and business storytelling to ensure a confident and consistent brand identity.

Prezent could save your employees 70% of their time when crafting presentations, slashing costs by up to 60%.

Don’t just take our word for it! Hear what our customers have to say. 

Rebrand confidently, or not at all

The most important thing you can do when rebranding is to commit fully.

Customers can’t get to know you if you don’t reach them. You’ll blend into the crowd if you aren’t speaking with a confident, distinctive voice. On top of this, a tepid rebrand could also confuse your employees and create doubt about the sincerity of your new direction. Powerful communication is necessary at every step of a rebrand.

Don’t let fate decide what your brand identity will be without you. Rebrand with confidence, or reconsider rebranding at all.

Try a free demo of Prezent to see how we can help your team grow.

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