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How Prezent helps Arcellx save over $50K per year

Derek Murray

April 3, 2023


Arcellx, Inc. is a clinical-stage biotechnology company reimagining cell therapy by engineering innovative immunotherapies for patients with cancer and other incurable diseases. Arcellx believes that cell therapies are one of the forward pillars of medicine and Arcellx's mission is to advance humanity by developing cell therapies that are safer, more effective, and more broadly accessible. 


According to Ben Lei, Head of Marketing, Arcellx team members often spend significant time working on presentations and sometimes relied on agency and vendor partners to help them polish up their presentations with more stylized designs, graphics, etc. Often times, the Arcellx team knew the information they wanted to present but had difficulties expressing that information visually and ended up spending an inefficient amount of time on the look and feel of their presentations. According to Lei, one of the most difficult aspects of creating their presentations was showing important data in a visually appealing and memorable way.

“For some of these higher stakes presentations, we often would have agency support,” says Lei.“Obviously, that comes with a fee. Lei also adds, “Additionally, the turnaround time for agency support can be challenging, especially if we’re working against tight deadlines.”


Arcellx needed an effective solution to help support their increasing number of business presentations—and Prezent was the answer. Lei’s team started with the Prezent productivity platform and then began to use Prezent’s Overnight Services.  Once added into their workflow, their efficiency and confidence in their presentations increased considerably.

Lei’s team uses Overnight Services for creative support, the pre-formatted on-brand templates, and the personalized collective knowledge available in Prezent’s productivity platform.

“Adding Prezent as an enterprise application allowing all of our team members to use the different services has added great value. It was very easy for anyone needing the services to onboard, easy to create our templates and just get going. With more of our team members getting experience using the platform and services, it feels like just the beginning.”

Ben Lei
Head of Marketing, Arcellx

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