Case study

How Prezent ensures effective end-to-end communication in the Pharma industry

Derek Murray

April 15, 2024


Gwen Whitney, the former Senior Vice President of Commercial Operations and Market Access at Global Blood Therapeutics, led a multifaceted team responsible for various functions within the organization. Her team was involved in forecasting and analytics, operations, and ensuring access for patients. 

Importance of  Business Communication:

As a team heavily focused on data analytics and insights, they played a vital role in communicating crucial information to the organization and supporting operational functions. In short, Gwen and her team served as a center for sharing insights and enabling business success.

“Business communication was very important to my team’s ability to effectively communicate to the organization. What does the data tell us? What are the insights saying so that information can be used to shape the business, and ultimately to drive the business?”
- Gwen Whitney


Gwen and her team excelled at conducting thorough analyses and deriving valuable insights to guide business decisions. However, they faced challenges in effectively communicating these findings to stakeholders. Despite investing significant time and effort into creating presentations, they struggled to translate complex data into compelling narratives that resonated with different audiences. Their analytical experts found it difficult to articulate the meaning and implications of their findings clearly and convincingly, limiting their ability to demonstrate the value of the data to the organization.

Additionally, the team had to rely on external vendors to assist with communication efforts, leading to increased costs and complexity. This reliance on third-party vendors highlighted the need for improved internal communication capabilities within the team.

We were not a communications team. So the time we were putting into making slides, coming up with the story, and trying to communicate to key stakeholders effectively—was a heavy lift. It often took more time than the work itself, and it was really inefficient for us” 
- Gwen Whitney


Prezent proved highly helpful in crafting engaging business communications and well-packaged presentations. This allowed the team to allocate more time to quality work and less time to creating presentations. As a result, business communication became easier, less time-consuming, and less burdensome. 

“When you take people away from their core skill set and ask them to work on slides—it’s not the best use of their talent. After we engaged with Prezent, we were able to spend more time on the quality of the work—and a lot less time on putting things together to communicate.”
- Gwen Whitney

Prezent's AI capabilities facilitated easy personalization of content to suit the needs and preferences of senior leadership. This adaptability ensures that presentations are relevant and effective for specific stakeholder groups.

Additionally, the overnight business presentation service provided great value during time-sensitive moments. Whether during busy periods or when deep engagements were necessary, Prezent's overnight service allowed for the prompt delivery of quality presentations even on short notice.

“Prezent allowed people to put 80% of their time toward real data analysis research, and only 20% of the time toward business communication.”
-  Gwen Whitney


“Prezent has set a new standard for our business storytelling. After I've seen how effective our business communications can be, I don't think that I would go to another company and be comfortable without a partnership with Prezent in place.”

Prezent brought significant benefits to Gwen's team by enhancing business communication efficiency. 

  • Saved Time- Team members were able to dedicate 80% of their time to data analysis and research, reducing the time spent on communication and packaging tasks to roughly 20%.
  • Reduced Cost- Prezent improved effectiveness by providing tools to structure and present data in compelling narratives. This resulted in cost savings by eliminating the need to engage external vendors for repackaging services.
  • Reduced Hassle- Prezent's overnight business presentation service proved invaluable during time-sensitive situations, providing multiple slide ideas and quick turnaround times.
  • Improved the storytelling

Overall, the partnership with Prezent led to greater efficiency, effectiveness, and cost savings for Gwen's team.

“One word that I associate with Prezent is ‘end-to-end.’ Prezent is a partner who ensures that our work is communicated across the organization effectively.”
- Gwen Whitney

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