Case study

How Prezent enabled an 85% gain in productivity

Derek Murray

May 22, 2024


Leading global Fortune 100 insurance companies prioritize effective communication as a cornerstone of their operations. Gina Whitehead who represents and retired from one of our esteemed clients within this prestigious group, emphasizes the pivotal role of presentations in driving success for significant projects and implementations. These dynamic presentations not only add substantial value but also are fundamental to the overall success and growth of their business. 


Gina Whitehead, in her role as the chief of staff, faced difficulties in effectively communicating complex and technical IT work to a non-technical audience within the organization.

“Our talented people build applications all day, but trying to sell the value proposition in a concise manner to an audience proved challenging.”

- Gina Whitehead, former Chief of Staff, F50 Insurance company

Balancing the need for comprehensive information without overwhelming the audience or losing their interest seemed almost impossible to achieve. The heavy reliance on PowerPoint presentations was time-consuming and, while it served as a safe option to communicate data, the process involved a prolonged feedback loop between presenters and content creators. Whitehead recounts the struggles so many team members experienced “sitting in PowerPoint for up to 30 days prior to a meeting,” all towards building a compelling presentation.

The challenge was not only in creating effective slides within a limited timeframe but also in streamlining the process to a more efficient and less confusing one. 


The Prezent platform was recognized to have the potential to revolutionize the way presentations were created and presented. Recognizing the potential time savings and efficiency gains, Prezent was initially initiated in a pilot program.

The success of the pilot was underscored by the enthusiastic response from users, who expressed their reliance on Prezent and pleaded not to take it away. 

“We really sold this to our employees as a better way to tell their story. With Prezent, they could take their ideas, their spreadsheets, their post-its, their notes, and get it into a slide with ease.”

- Gina Whitehead, former Chief of Staff, F50 Insurance company

The partnership with Prezent was marked by collaborative efforts, resulting in a seamless integration of the platform into the organization's workflow. The executive team's buy-in and recognition of the platform's value showcased the transformative impact of Prezent on the organization's presentation processes.


The intuitive and user-friendly nature of Prezent allowed for quick and easy content creation, reducing the time spent on preparing presentations. The company achieved a remarkable 85% increase in productivity within the IT department over three to four months. The team can now put together a one-pager or a concise deck in a few minutes which previously took weeks and months. 

“Magic was the word that just kept coming up because we couldn't believe how much time we saved going from an idea to an actual one-pager or even a 3–5-page deck. Previously, we used to spend weeks creating content for the team before using Prezent. Now, we have streamlined the process to just a matter of minutes.”

- Gina Whitehead, former Chief of Staff, F50 Insurance company

Whitehead added that the way in which presentations were delivered shifted from “45 minutes to an hour” of solely presenting, to “15 minutes of presenting and 15 minutes of conversation.” This conversational dialogue aided Gina’s team with communicating technical information from a more storytelling perspective, as opposed to the previously adopted mundane delivery. 

Meeting durations were cut in half, saving executive teams substantial time. They were able to shift from 45–60-minute presentations to concise 15-minute presentations with minimal slides followed by a 15-minute conversation, which resulted in a more efficient use of time.

“Prezent and all of the magic that the platform can do is the wave of the future. Let's be more efficient and use the products and the services and the tools to make our jobs easier—so that we can move on to bigger and better things and more successes in our roles.”

- Gina Whitehead, former Chief of Staff, F50 Insurance company

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