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How Prezent is a performance enhancer for Cisco teams

Jessica Cara

March 6, 2023


Cisco is a digital communications technology corporation that develops, manufactures, and sells networking hardware, software, and telecommunications equipment. Roy Skillicorn is a Senior Director in Cisco’s Customer Experience division and oversees Global Enablement and Development. According to Skillicorn, Prezent is a “performance enhancer” for his team.

“Prezent is a performance enhancer for my team.”

Roy Skillicorn
Senior Director, Customer Experience, Cisco


Cisco’s Global Enablement and Development team was spending too much time designing presentation slides rather than focusing on their messaging and storyline. Says Skillicorn, “We knew what we wanted to say but it would take us longer to put it in slides.”

To help alleviate this time crunch, Skillicorn reached out to third-party agencies for support but their services were not cost-effective. Skillicorn then attempted to download slide templates from content sites, but this option also proved to be ineffective.

“I found myself spending as much time pursuing those sites—and not finding what I needed—than I did actually creating," says Skillicorn. “And when I thought I did find some slide templates I could use—I ended up with a bunch of independently-themed slides that we would still need to modify, update, and format into our company standard.”

Why Prezent?

Prezent provides Cisco teams with AI-powered tools and knowledge to quickly build brand-approved business presentations that communicate their messages effectively.


Skillicorn’s team was searching for an affordable, time-saving solution to building branded, cohesive presentation slides. And Prezent checked all those boxes!

With Prezent, Skillicorn’s team is building beautiful, on-brand presentation decks 50% faster than before. With access to more than 35,000 pre-designed slide templates and the platform’s intuitive knowledge of key business storylines and strategies, Prezent provides Cisco members with a foundational guide to building effective presentations that communicate their messages clearly.

“Prezent not only helps us communicate but effectively helps us educate our teams on the components and flow of different presentation themes and intent.”

Roy Skillicorn
Senior Director, Customer Experience, Cisco

Skillicorn also found incredible value in Prezent’s Fingerprint feature. He comments: “I like that [Prezent] took into account who your end customer was, the recipient of the presentation, because everybody has a different style in which they like to hear, see, and visualize communications, data, or thoughts.”

Prezent was the supercharged solution Skillicorn’s team needed to save time building presentation slides, and more.

“Not only did [Prezent] cut out time, our presentations actually came out better.”

About Prezent
Build better presentations faster with Prezent—the presentation productivity platform for enterprise teams. It's the only AI-integrated platform that combines audience empathy, tribal knowledge, business storytelling, and beautiful design. Professionals will stand out with well-structured, hyper-personalized, and company-branded presentations in a fraction of the time. Learn more at

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