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How Alteryx saves $15K per employee by using Prezent

Jessica Cara

October 28, 2022

“This is a platform that gives us our time back as an organization, saving us 50% of the time it takes to build a presentation."

Nate Bitting
Vice President of Strategy and Transformation at Alteryx


Alteryx is a software company on a mission to transform businesses with data science and analytic automation services. Alteryx offers automation software and cloud-based solutions to help businesses deliver data-driven outcomes faster through the use of an automated and collaborative analytics platform.

The Customer Success and Services Organization (CSSO) within Alteryx works on more than 20 strategic initiatives at any given time. To collaborate and communicate the progress of these initiatives across internal teams and with leadership, the CSSO regularly implements PowerPoint presentations.

Business presentations can be difficult and time-consuming to create, but Alteryx faced another problem. Says Nate Bitting, Vice President of Strategy and Transformation within the CSSO, “We had a lot of really big presentations but maybe one or two people who were really, really good at telling the story, the visualization, the buildout, the content, all of it.”

With only a few people able to take on the bulk of the presentation work, this led to a bottleneck in Alteryx’s business workflow. Thus, Alteryx began searching for a solution that would help streamline and supercharge its presentation-creating process.


Alteryx saw a demo of Prezent to learn how the AI-powered platform could help them create personalized, engaging, and brand-compliant presentations in just three minutes.

“When I saw the first demo, I got it immediately,” said Bitting. “I loved the aspect of the Fingerprint, and being able to tailor your presentation to your audience, and really getting people to think about the outline, the story, and the structure of their presentation.”

Alteryx members were able to quickly build personalized presentations based on information collected in a “Fingerprint” profile that shares an individual’s preferences, providing an easy solution to determine what type and style of presentation they want to see.

Prezent also offers a library of key business storylines and frameworks, and houses pre-designed and brand-approved templates, ensuring all of Alteryx’s presentations looked great and were 100% brand compliant every time.

“We saw immediate gains. The teams who were bogged down from that bottleneck, [Prezent] was a game changer for their everyday work.”

Nate Bitting
Vice President of Strategy and Transformation at Alteryx


After the initial demo, Alteryx purchased 10 licenses to give presentation “power users” a chance to test out Prezent. Said Bitting, “They immediately fell in love with it.”

Soon after, Alteryx purchased 50 software licenses. This quickly led to a demonstration of Prezent with Alteryx's Chief Information Officer that showcased how the software would drive productivity gains for the business.

From there, Alteryx secured a three-year, enterprise-wide license with Prezent.


With Prezent, Alteryx team members save 50–60% of their time per presentation, which estimates to be $10,000–$20,000 saved per user.

Alteryx also saw its business presentations improve across the company after using Prezent.

“It’s provided much better consistency in how we present to our customers. We’re seeing it in our quarterly business reviews where each of the leaders has consistent templates that we’re using and presenting. And we’re telling the stories in similar ways so we’re consistent with our messaging."

Nate Bitting
Vice President of Strategy and Transformation at Alteryx

With Prezent, Alteryx was able to banish its bottleneck, improve business communications within the organization, and save valuable time and money while building powerful and effective presentations.

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