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Are you tired of working hard on analysis and insights, only to struggle with presentations?

 Prezent enables brilliant data and analytics teams to create compelling presentations, understand the audience and uplevel their business presentation skills.

Create structured presentations that tell your data story

Create structured data-oriented presentations tailored to your audience in seconds. Choose from hundreds of data-charts and frameworks or let our generative AI generate them for you. 

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Strengthen your organization by sharing sanitized knowledge, insights and tips 

Sanitize and upload powerful presentations that help the organization make decisions. Annotate presentations with personalized tips.

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Improve your storylining, presentation and communication skills

 Learn the art and science of business communication with hundreds of bite-sized on-demand courses. Tailor your presentations to the audience with audience fingerprints.

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Make your insights executive ready with intelligent transformations

Transform complex data reports into simplified, impactful visuals. Condense a 10-20 slide analysis into a concise 1-page executive summary. Dive into various design alternatives to best showcase and interpret your data insights.

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Access communication experts when you need them

Prepare for important executive presentations with our Accelerator projects. Polish important presentations overnight by sending drafts by 5:30PM PT and receiving by 9:30AM PT.

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“I could not have dreamt of something better than Prezent... I work with 20 different teams, this will make working with them so much easier, and the possibilities are limitless, you guys have made my whole week, maybe my whole year”

Senior Analytics Leader

Fortune 100 Pharma Company

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Rami Elghandour

CEO, Arcellx

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