Communication Fingerprints

Learn and compare preferences of your colleagues or generate actionable insights using interactive tools

  • Eight types
  • Fingerprint comparison
  • Hyper-personalized presentations
  • Group insights

Identify your unique Communication Fingerprint by answering tailored preference questions

Prezent identifies eight unique communication fingerprint types: Architect, Director, Navigator, Performer, Producer, Scholar, Scientist, and Surgeon. Each type has specific preferences. For instance, a Navigator enjoys vibrant visuals, inductive storylines, and narrative data presentations.

Tailor presentations to your executives

Communication Fingerprints provide the preferences of executives and colleagues at your fingertips. No need to guess what works with your audiences. By comparing communication fingerprints, you get a clear picture of how each person's preferences vary.

This tool allows you to align presentations to their likes – minimal visuals or vibrant, data heavy or light, inductive or deductive storytelling. Ensure your presentations hit the mark every time.

Generate group insights

Presenting to a group of colleagues with different preferences? No problem! Generate a communication fingerprint for the group instantly.

Trusted by the Fortune 2000

Trusted by the Fortune 2000