Story Builder

Access 1000+ expert curated storylines to build a new presentation shell in seconds


Tailored to specific audience

Expert-curated storylines

Advanced slide customization

Create presentation shell with enterprise focused 1000+ storylines

Access over 1,000 pre-loaded, commonly used enterprise storylines, ranging from All-hands Meetings to Brand Plans, including industry-specific scenarios such as Clinical Trial Investment Decision and Gene Therapy.

The flexibility doesn't end there; you can create your custom storyline based on your context and audience.

Build and customize a presentation shell in minutes

Prezent converts your storyline into a fully-formed presentation shells in seconds. All in your brand template. Should you need to pivot your presentation for a different colleague, simply change the audience selection, and auto-magically, the deck adapts to suit audience's preferences.

Updating visuals is just as effortless. Swap out images on your slides with choices from a vast library of images, or change the number of messages you need on any slide.

Collaborate with colleagues on any presentation

Share decks with your company, team, or selected colleagues, granting them the specific access rights they need. Or leave comments for each other.

If you prefer working offline or need a backup, simply download the shell to your desktop and start editing it directly in PowerPoint.

Trusted by the Fortune 2000

Trusted by the Fortune 2000