Template Converter

Convert your slides into any of your brand templates, while staying 100% brand compliant

  • 1-click brand compliance
  • Analyzes 60+ elements
  • Works for any brand template
  • Design customization

Transform 'frankenstein' decks instantly

Switch any deck from one template to another with just a few clicks.

Simply upload your presentation, and let ASTRID AI take over. It meticulously analyzes the existing fonts, colors, footers, and images in the deck. Then, it replaces them with alternatives that are on-brand, ensuring your presentation not only looks cohesive but also adheres strictly to your brand guidelines.

Get a compliance score and improvement tips from ASTRID AI

ASTRID AI analyzes every element within your slides to assess brand compliance. It provides a score indicating how well your deck aligns with the selected brand template. Additionally, Prezent’s ASTRID AI identifies areas where adjustments are needed, offering suggestions on how to enhance brand alignment.

If you wish to delve deeper into the specifics, you can explore the details of each non-compliance issue. Accept, reject or tweak the design suggestion as needed.

Trusted by the Fortune 2000

Trusted by the Fortune 2000