Case study

How a Fortune 100 biotech firm achieved efficiency and brand alignment in presentations

Derek Murray

May 2, 2024


Bill Cleary is an experienced Strategic Planning and Operations lead at a Fortune 100 biotech company. With a background across both large and small biotech firms, Bill's expertise lies in managing various aspects of support, including budget management and change initiatives, to ensure operational efficiency.

Bill’s team plays a critical role in communicating industry trends to drive necessary changes and managing the company budget to ensure efficient operations and overall business growth.


Bill's team faced several communication challenges, including spending excessive time and resources on presentations and making decisions based on poor communication. However, the primary obstacle lay in effectively communicating ideas through presentations. Despite having clear ideas, they struggled to determine the most impactful way to present them, leading to inefficiencies in their communication efforts.

Bill’s team consistently grapples with inertia when creating presentations or presenting complex ideas. The challenge of “getting started” added to a lack of productivity and waste of time. 


Bill engaged with Prezent to address the team's communication challenges. Its streamlined interface and user-friendly features made it an attractive option. Initially, a pilot team of 10 users tried the platform, which swiftly gained support from early adopters impressed by its benefits.

“We had a core group of super users that were big advocates for it—because they were regularly using the Prezent platform,” Bill mentioned. 

The Prezent dashboard facilitated brand consistency and standardization by offering customized on-brand templates. This accelerated the start of presentation creation and significantly improved the quality of presentations for the team.

“The look and impact of the slides that we were presenting were no longer a straightforward bulleted list,” said Cleary. “With Prezent, we were presenting and preparing presentations that were really impactful, and looked visually impressive. This was very meaningful for our management team.”

4 extraordinary features that benefited the team:

“Prezent was a huge advantage for our teams, and the time to develop presentations went down significantly.” - Bill Cleary


The implementation of Prezent brought significant improvements to the organization as well as to the team.

  • Reduced hassle: Prezent’s standardized templates enhanced the quality and consistency of presentations.
  • Improved skills and effectiveness: Presentations became more visually impressive and impactful ensuring meaningful delivery of the intended messages.
  • Saved time: Prezent led to an increase in efficiency by 80-90%, significantly reducing the time spent on presentation development.
  • Enabled brand alignment: The platform enhanced professionalism by providing on-brand templates that contributed to a cohesive look and feel across all presentations.
  • Reduced cost: Prezent proved to be very cost-effective as it provided high-quality results at a fraction of the cost compared to external agencies.
  • Confidence: Prezent added a new level of confidence for Cleary and his team in regards to building professional looking presentations, with some associates even inquiring into where the decks were coming from. Prezent enabled Bill and his team to stand out from other competitors in their respective space. 
  • “Inertia-Buster:” Prezent served as a easily accessible medium to initiate presentation from within the team that otherwise would not happen due to uncertainty and reluctance to begin. 
  • Customizability: Prezent allowed Bill’s team with the ability to personalize presentations seamlessly whilst adhering to brand protocol and professionalism. 

“We all have situations where we could spend an infinite amount of time on a particular presentation. I encourage others to leverage Prezent as much as possible to minimize that time.”
- Bill Cleary

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