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How Prezent helps Guardant Health teams save time and money

Jessica Cara

February 24, 2023


Guardant Health is transforming cancer care at all stages of the disease. The precision oncology company supports patients through the power of blood tests and the data they provide. According to Jules Robertson, Associate Director of Product Marketing, due to its growth, Guardant Health has experienced an increased need to explain new products to internal teams as well as to external customers. 


Guardant Health’s product marketing team knew the information they wanted to present but spent an inefficient amount of time on the look and feel of their presentations. According to Robertson, one presentation alone could take her team between three to five hours to create.

“We had to think about what we wanted people to do, and then you had to think about how you wanted the presentation to look,” says Robertson. “And that took a significant amount of time and hours and energy.”

To support their increasing presentation workload, they hired an outside design agency but, according to Robertson, the services were expensive and ineffective.

“It didn’t save us time,” says Robertson. “By the time we got something back—one, they took a long time to get back to you—and two, it really didn’t feel like they changed much from what I had given them, and it was really expensive.”

“It really took it to the next level when we started using Prezent. It looked more professional, it felt more professional, even things with spacing and consistency across all the sides.”

Jules Robertson
Associate Director of Product Marketing, Guardant Health


Guardant Health needed an effective solution to help support their growing number of business presentations—and Prezent was the answer. Robertson’s team started with Prezent’s Overnight Services and adopted the Prezent productivity platform into their workflow. Their efficiency increased immediately.

“It was so easy,” says Robertson. “So easy to onboard, so easy to create our templates and just get going.

Robertson primarily uses Overnight Services while other members of her team enjoy the creative support, the pre-formatted slides, the integrated learning opportunities, and the personalized tribal knowledge available in Prezent’s productivity platform.

“They use the different filtering methods to pick out slides for their audience,” she says. “And the Fingerprints really give us a sense of how to best convey a message based on their preferences. We’ve learned a lot! 

Robertson goes on to explain, “We didn’t know [the presentation style] would resonate with that person, or to give it in that format, or that cadence. So Prezent has also trained us on how to give presentations a bit better.”

With Prezent, Guardant Health is saving two to three hours per presentation and no longer hires costly design services for support. Both the Prezent platform and Overnight Services provide Robertson’s team with a solution to create professional, brand-compliant presentations that help their ideas shine.

“To me, the real value that we’re getting is that we can now use our time in a different way,” says Robertson. “Instead of me spending three hours building a presentation, I can use three hours on something else.”

Prezent is now considered a “core service” for Guardant Health’s marketing department.

“Prezent is such a valuable product for what we pay for it. I don’t know how we did it previously—well, I know how we did it, we spent a lot of time, effort, and hours—but now we have a really reliable service.”

Jules Robertson
Associate Director of Product Marketing, Guardant Health

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