Top communication tips from nature

Check out these tips to learn how nature can help you navigate communication challenges in your business presentations.


Rajat Mishra

Building presentations

Building presentations


Rajat Mishra

3 minutes

"Good communication is the bridge between confusion and clarity."
–Nat Turner, American preacher

The pandemic has added a brand new layer of difficulty to communication. From virtual meetings to Zoom fatigue, connecting on a human, 1-to-1 basis has been hard for business leaders.

Luckily, nature leaves plenty of clues that can help upgrade your communication skills. Just ask our recent podcast guest, Tammy Mulrooney, Senior Director at Genentech. In Episode 7 of Think Deeply, Speak Simply—How Does Nature Communicate?—Tammy explores her favorite tips for how nature can help you navigate common communication challenges in your business presentations.

Here are Tammy’s top takeaways:

Communicate just enough

Nature is always in balance. It’s never in excess and your communication skills should mirror this. As a business professional, you have to communicate with different levels of folks. That means you’ll need to read each unique audience and understand who they are. This will help illuminate what their background is so you can ask the right questions. Tammy recommends the following questions:

  • How can I make this communication something my audience wants to read/hear?
  • What are their preferred communication styles? (For example: Do bullet points work best or are they more receptive to data dumping?)
  • What time limit am I working with? Does my audience need a bunch of information all at once, or is there wiggle room to explain information over a longer span of time?

Adopt a growth mindset

If nature was an executive coach, she would embody the perfect balance of calm and order. She wouldn’t be concerned with her individual growth alone. Instead, nature would consistently strive to create a space and opportunity for impactful conversation. This opens the door for deeper and more profound insights than ever expected.

Take a note out of nature’s book and adopt a growth mindset. Cultivate an environment that invites growth for everyone and everything around you. This is conducive for everyone involved, from the individual to the people that report up to them. Everything is possible when you have a growth mindset, so don’t underestimate what it can help you achieve.

If you want to soar in your next business presentation, implement these new communication tips into your routine! Listen to the full podcast episode with Tammy Mulrooney here.