The first business communication AI

ASTRID AI supports multidisciplinary business communication by integrating audience empathy, structured storylines, training & learning, relevance to context, insights by industry & function, and design that is on-brand.

ASTRID’s unique storytelling formula

ASTRID goes beyond crafting slides; it grasps industry nuances, weaves compelling stories, and elevates business communication

Audience Empathy

Understand your audience like never before

Dive deep into the psychology of your audience with ASTRID. Our platform’s Fingerprints feature adapts to the visual style and narrative that your audience finds most engaging. By prioritizing audience empathy, you ensure that every communication is personalized and impactful.

Structured Storylines

The backbone of successful communication

With ASTRID, storytelling isn’t an art, it’s a science. Our generative AI crafts tailored presentations that follow the pyramid principle, ensuring your message is not just heard, but remembered. From logical storylines to overnight thoughts that resonate, we help you structure your communication for maximum effect.

Training and Learning

Continuous improvement for mastery

Communication excellence is a journey, not a destination. ASTRID’s training and enablement programs, led by industry experts, provide hands-on training, real-world exercises, and feedback that evolves with you. Whether you're in sales, strategy, or operations, our coaching adapts to your unique communication challenges.

Relevance to Context

Tailor your message to the moment

ASTRID ensures your communication is always relevant. Our insights help you align your message with the current environment, whether it's a shift in market trends or a change in consumer behavior. Stay ahead of the curve and ensure your communication is contextually apt for your audience and the times.

Insights by Industry and Function

Speak the language of your field

Our platform is built with a deep understanding of various industries and functions. ASTRID provides you with the tools to communicate with authority, whether you're launching a commercial drug in BioPharma or presenting a quarterly report in finance. Speak with confidence, backed by insights that matter.

Design that is on Brand

Visual communication that resonates

Your brand is your promise, and with ASTRID, your communication always keeps that promise. Our design tools, including Doc Exchange and Brand Alignment Metrics, ensure that every presentation, every report, and every communication piece is a reflection of your brand's identity and values.

Begin your journey to
communication excellence today.

ASTRID architecture

ASTRID is the intelligent layer within the Prezent platform, designed to enhance enterprise communication with a suite of Machine Learning (ML) Models and a proprietary Large Language Model (LLM)

Cutting-edge models

ASTRID features AI models and methods such as Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Large Language Models. These are tailored with custom, fine-tuned prompts to deliver responses that perfectly match user requirements.

Proprietary data

Our AI models are powered by Prezent's exclusive metadata, ensuring they're always learning from a vast, constantly expanding dataset. We keep this valuable information safe and secure in data storage systems managed by AWS.

Enterprise-grade security

Prezent is secured by enterprise-grade security infrastructure. We host our models in our secured AWS cloud infrastructure and DO NOT pass proprietary, sensitive, or confidential customer data externally.

Download the ASTRID AI White Paper

What's inside

A clear overview of Prezent's technology and practices

Security Compliance

An outline of Prezent's adherence to industry standards and regulations

Download the ASTRID AI white paper


What is ASTRID  ?

ASTRID is a multi-disciplinary AI communication assistant for busy professionals. ASTRID offers sophisticated business storytelling capabilities including, audience empathy, structured storylines, high-end designed templates, and contextual learning modules. These help users bring ideas to life through presentations and slides tailored to their audience’s preferences.

Do you store my data? If so, what information is stored, and where is it kept?

We only use data as minimally required for account creation and billing purposes as laid out in our Privacy Policy. We will only keep your personal information for as long as it is necessary. We retain your personal information for up to six (6) months past the termination of your user account unless we are required to retain your information longer according to our agreement with your organization, or otherwise to establish, protect, or defend legal rights. All our data is stored in safe and secured data stores maintained by AWS using Advanced Encryption Standards. For further details, please refer to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Cookie Policy.

What do you do with my data?

We DO NOT use proprietary, sensitive, or confidential customer data to train our ML models. We collect and analyze data and other information relating to the performance of the Prezent product to improve our services.

Do you share my data with third-party models?

We host our models in our secured AWS cloud infrastructure and DO NOT pass proprietary, sensitive, or confidential customer data externally.

Will my uploaded content be used for ML training?

We DO NOT use proprietary, sensitive, or confidential customer data, including any Uploaded presentations or slides to train our models.

Who owns the slides created by your AI?

The user can use any slides or presentations created by Prezent as their own. Customers remain the data controller (i.e., data owner) for all data they store in their Prezent instance and should apply access controls according to their data classification policies.

Can I delete my data?

Absolutely. At Prezent, we highly value your 'Right to Delete'. Upon request or when a user is deleted, we ensure that any confidential or personal user data is deleted as governed by GDPR.

What measures is Prezent taking to ensure data safety?

All our data is stored in safe AWS Storage using Advanced Encryption. We are committed to upholding industry security standards and are compliant with GDPR and CCPA regulations.

What data is the ASTRIDTM AI trained on?

We train our ML models using Prezent-proprietary data tailored for industry-specific learning. AWS securely stores this extensive dataset, including product performance data. Our algorithms are trained on public contextual data (industry best practices, research papers, articles, enterprise personas, ideas, storylines), and slide metadata (slide layouts, vibrancy score, images/tables/charts/cartoons/etc) from Prezent-owned slide shells. We strictly refrain from using proprietary, sensitive, or confidential customer data to train our models.

What is Prezent doing to ensure content is generated responsibly?

We prioritize ethical AI practices, rigorously reviewing and refining raw data to eliminate biases. Our AI offers diverse responses for human-centered scenarios, actively filtering out unfriendly content from LLM models. Additionally, user feedback is highly valued, and we continuously assess and integrate this feedback to enhance our system's overall performance.

Prezent’s Generative AI use policies

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