Version 1.0

Generative AI Acceptable Use Policy

This Acceptable Use Policy governs your use of generative AI features made available on the Prezent platform. To use the Prezent generative AI features, you must accept the Prezent’s Terms of Service, and Generative AI Additional Terms. Please note that Prezent reserves the right to update these terms from time to time.

1. General use

Please be a good human when using AI Products and don’t use them to create any harmful content. We will not allow any use of our generative AI features that violate this Acceptable Use Policy, and we may suspend or terminate your account if we find that you are using it in this way. 

In addition, do not use Prezent generative AI features to attempt to create, upload, or share abusive, illegal, or confidential content. This includes, but is not limited to, the content that:

  • Contains any information or content that you do not have a right to make available under any law or due to confidentiality, contractual, or fiduciary duties.
  • Is harassing, abusive, racially, or ethnically offensive, defamatory, invasive of personal privacy or publicity rights, libellous, or threatening.
  • Discriminates, incites, or promotes discrimination against others based on race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, age, disability, ancestry, national origin, or any other basis.
  • Is sexually explicit or pornographic in nature or contains links to such material.
  • Is promoting terrorism or violent extremism.
  • Involves the sale or promotion of illegal activities, products, or services.
  • Is fraudulent or promotes fraudulent activity.
  • Violates the rights of any individual or third party, including their intellectual property and data privacy rights.
  • Contains any information or disinformation that is false, deceptive, misleading, or otherwise promotes, endorses, encourages, or facilitates the spread of false information.
  • Promotes or creates a risk of physical or mental harm, emotional distress, death, disability, or disfigurement to yourself, any person, or animal.
  • Promotes or creates a risk of harm, loss, or damage to any property.
  • Promotes content related to child exploitation or sexual abuse.
  • Violates any applicable law or promotes activities that are illegal in nature.
  • Threatens or undermines democratic processes or institutions.

2. No AI/ML training

When using our generative AI features, you agree you will use them only for your creative work, and not to train AI/ML models.

This means you must not, and must not allow third parties to, use any content, data, output, or other information received or derived from any Prezent generative AI features, to directly or indirectly create, train, test, or otherwise improve any machine learning algorithms or artificial intelligence systems, including any architectures, models, or weights.

3. Distribution of AI-generated content

You may publish your content created in part with Prezent’s generative AI features under the following conditions:

  • The published content is attributed to your name or company.
  • The role of AI in formulating the content is clearly disclosed in a way that no reader could possibly miss, and that a typical reader would find sufficiently easy to understand.
  • The content should not misinform, misrepresent, or mislead any individual, organization, race, or any other (living or dead) entity.
  • The content on its own should not make claims to be expert advice on sensitive topics like healthcare, finance, government services, legal, employment, insurance, or social welfare, etc.

The content does not violate this Acceptable Use Policy, or the terms as mentioned in Prezent’s Terms of Service, and Generative AI Additional Terms

4. More information

Prezent can take action on your account if we discover content or behaviour that violates these terms and policies. For more information about what you can and can’t do while using Prezent’s generative AI features, please refer to your agreement terms with Prezent Inc.