Prezent named a finalist at The SaaS Awards




August 22, 2023

International SaaS Awards Program Announces Finalists

22 August 2023 – Prezent has secured its place as a finalist in the prestigious 2023 SaaS Awards program, competing in the following categories:

  • Best SaaS For Improved Productivity
  • Best SaaS Product With 1,000+ Licensed Users
  • Best SaaS Product For PR, Brand Management Or Stakeholder Engagement

At Prezent we aspire to push ourselves to the next level in every field of innovation. It is with this drive and ambition to succeed that we have managed to secure finalists spots at the acclaimed 2023 SaaS Awards. We are proud to announce that as of this year, Prezent is one of 6 finalists competing for "Best SaaS For Improved Productivity," one of 5 finalists competing for "Best SaaS Product With 1,000+ Licensed Users," and one of 2 finalists competing for "Best SaaS Product For PR, Brand Management Or Stakeholder Engagement." 

The journey has been nothing short of exhilarating, and we thank our entire team for their strenuous efforts in getting us this far. With this being said, let’s take a moment to acknowledge some of the features Prezent has to offer and explore how they have aided in solidifying us in SaaS’s competitive space!

Best SaaS For Improved Productivity

Prezent is a software as a service (SaaS) product that helps users create compelling and visually engaging business presentations. Its platform utilizes artificial intelligence to offer guidance on audience empathy, structured storylines, high-end designed templates, expert guides, and contextual learning modules to its users. The goal of Prezent’s system is to streamline and supercharge the presentation-creating process, ultimately resulting in productivity gains, more informed decisions, faster response to change, and better retention of talent for organizations that use it.

Prezent aims to supply the demand for high-quality, engaging presentations among every organization. Due to the fact we have devised a strategy to do so in a seamless fashion, our product is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their productivity!

Best SaaS Product With 1,000+ Licensed Users

Prezent works in many wide-scale industries including finance, marketing, consulting, technology, and more! The platform works cohesively towards  presenting information in a way that resonates with each individual, so businesses can increase engagement, comprehension, and retention of important information.

Being that this is the case, it can be ensured that Prezent is targeting a diverse audience not limited to a set crowd or demographic. By appealing to a variety of different consumers, you can be sure that we are working actively as a team to service more than 1000 licensed users to give a simplistic, yet effective experience!

Best SaaS Product For PR, Brand Management Or Stakeholder Engagement

Prezent's library of key business storylines and frameworks, combined with its pre-designed and brand-approved templates, ensures that all presentations created on the platform are of high quality and meet branding guidelines.  

We strive to uphold a level of professionalism in the realm of brand management, because your stakeholder engagement is contingent on how refined you are able to display your corporation. Our designs and AI based algorithm continues to prioritize this aspect of business communication and thereby makes us fiercely competitive in this space.


Now celebrating its 8th year, The SaaS Awards continues to recognize and honor outstanding SaaS innovations from all corners of the world. Entries from hundreds of companies spanning North America, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Australasia were received.

The program boasts an array of categories for 2023, including ‘Bespoke SaaS Solution,’ ‘Best SaaS Product for Business Intelligence or Analytics,’ ‘Most Agile or Responsive SaaS Solution of the Year,’ and many others, showcasing SaaS solutions across industry verticals.

James Williams, Head of Operations at The SaaS Awards, said: “Each year, we see an explosion of competition and brilliant ideas in every submission. The finalists this year promise an exciting contest in the last stage of the program. Selecting the ultimate SaaS winner solutions among these exceptional entries will definitely be a challenging task.

“The organizations announced today as finalists, including Prezent, are clear evidence of the exceptional quality and level of innovation achieved this year. Our panel of judges is thrilled to acknowledge these world-class SaaS innovators.”

The winners of The SaaS Awards will be notified on 13 September 2023.

As The SaaS Awards 2023 received hundreds of entries from across the globe, the program promises to return in 2024, continuing its tradition of recognizing international SaaS excellence across various industries.

To explore the complete list of finalists, please visit: