Canva solves slide design.
Prezent does that and more.

Unlike Canva, Prezent is a complete communication productivity platform, that enables users to create and transform on-brand presentations, while also offering tools to enable and learn the art and science of business communication.

Top 3 differentiators


Curated library in your company's branding

Only Prezent provides access to a vast collection of 35K+ slides, 10K+ best-practice decks and 1000+ storylines—all aligned to your brand.


Personalized to your audience

Uniquely, Prezent’s AI technology can create content that is aligned with your industry, company, executives in your company, and you.


A comprehensive platform

Prezent is a one-stop shop for all business communication needs with our 5 use-cases:

  • Create (slide library, story builder, auto generator)
  • Transform (template converter, redesign, synthesis)
  • Enable (10K+ best-practice examples and executive fingerprints)
  • Learn (in-built business communication courses)
  • Expert Services (overnight prezentation services, accelerator consulting)

Use-Case Comparison





Expert Services

  • Library of 35k+ curated slides in your company branding
  • Story Builder with 1000+ storylines
  • Auto Generator that can create on-brand slides with just text prompts
  • Template Converter that can make your decks brand-compliant with 1 click
  • Synthesis that can create personalized executive summary slide of your presentation
  • Redesign upgrades presentations to designer-quality with one click, ensuring brand compliance
  • 10k+ best-practice examples slides and decks ready for use
  • You can anonymize your content, make it brand-aligned and share on the platform
  • Self paced courses to upscale business communication and presentation skills
  • With Overnight Prezentations you can send drafts to Prezent by 5:30 pm, receive polished versions by 9:30 am next day
  • Expert coaching
  • Selection of customizable templates created in-house and by 3rd parties
  • Magic Design that creates on-brand, customizable designs from user prompts or media.
  • Manual slide customization through editing, formatting, and animation
  • Brand Kit that consolidates brand assets for consistent design but lacks brand compliance check
  • Brand Controls that restrict font, color, and template choices
  • Share and create group projects
  • Allows team design with live cursors, comments, and task tagging
  • Provides a few sample slides
  • Canva tutorials packaged as learning content on design principles

Prezent and Canva: Know the features better


Hyper-personalization: Tailor content to audience preferences​

Slide library: Expert-curated slides in several business-relevant layouts

Content generation: Generate slides and presentations instantly

(Communication Fingerprint)

(35K+ slides, 200+ ideas, 35+ layouts)​

(Story Builder, Auto Generator)​

(Not available)

(In-house and 3rd party templates)

(Magic Design)


Slide transformation & formatting: Transform visuals, add, edit or format data on slides.

Summarization: Generate customized executive summaries

One-click brand compliance

(Redesign with billions of design variations with ideas, diagrams, nodes and visuals)


(Template Converter)

(Edit, format, animate)

(Not available)

(Brand Kit, Brand Controls)


Document management: Access and use brand/colleague/own/content to build faster

Best practices: Example slides, decks and storylines, curated by subject matter experts

(Prezentation Library)

(Best Practice Library)

(Share and create group projects)

(Provides a few sample slides)


Communication knowledge: Learning courses and interactive exercises

Organisational insights: View, compare or generate audience insights

Fingerprints: Discover your & your audience's unique communication style

(Videos, courses)

(Access audience preference with ease)

(Discover your Fingerprint)

(Design School)

(Not available)

(Not available)

Expert Services

Professional, personalized decks with expert assistance

Expert-guided acceleration

Elevate skills with personalized, hands-on learning experiences

(Overnight Presentations)


(Zenith learning workshops)

(Not available)

(Not available)

(Not available)


Technical support

Dedicated CSM


(Phone/Video, Priority response)

(Priority response)

(Priority program support)

(Phone/Video, Priority response)

(Priority response)

(Self paced tutorials)

Exclusive features to boost the impact of your communication like never before!


Personalized presentations, maximized impact

Fingerprints, Prezent's signature feature, redefines personalized business communication. It's an innovative tool that maps out audience preferences, ensuring your message resonates perfectly with each listener.

From adaptive visual styles to engaging storylines and insightful data presentation, Fingerprints crafts presentations that truly speak to your audience. This unique capability sets Prezent apart, offering a level of customization that anticipates and navigates audience needs, setting a new benchmark in effective communication.

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Winning audiences with strategic storytelling

At the heart of Prezent's platform lies the power of structured storytelling. We understand the vital role of narrative in engaging and persuading your audience. Our tools help weave complex ideas and data into captivating stories, making your message not only heard but felt.

By blending creativity with business acumen, Prezent ensures your presentations leave a lasting impression, driving engagement and decision-making. Experience the art of storytelling transformed into a business tool, turning every presentation into a journey that captivates and convinces.

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Expert Services

Accelerate, learn, and deliver with Prezent

Prezent's suite of expert services is designed to elevate your business communication to new heights. Accelerators streamline the presentation development process, combining expert guidance and proven methodologies for rapid yet quality results, ideal for urgent projects.

Zenith Learning Workshops offer interactive, personalized training led by industry professionals, enhancing your skills in storytelling, visual design, and more.

Lastly, our Overnight Prezentations service is perfect for those who need high-quality presentations delivered swiftly. This service ensures that even under tight deadlines, your communication remains impactful, aligning expert insight with the speed of delivery.

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AI Engine Comparison


Audience Empathy



Structured Storylines​

Creative Writing​


Training and Learning ​

Coaching Agencies​


Relevance to Context ​

Management Consulting​


Industry Insight​

Industry & Functional Experts​


Design that is on Brand​

Art & Design​

Use case analysis in real-world scenarios

Prezent with its ‘Story Builder’ feature automates the development of coherent storylines, offering users a choice of over 1000 expert-curated storylines or the flexibility to customize their own. This approach not only saves time but also ensures that the presentation is hyper-personalized with ‘Communication Fingerprint’ and has a strong narrative flow, making it more impactful.

Furthermore, Prezent's extensive 'Slide Library' of over 35,000 personalized slides, ready for use with company branding, and its ‘Auto Generator’ feature for creating slides based on text prompts, complement the storyline creation process.

Canva offers a selection of customizable templates, contributed by both its in-house team and 3rd-party designers, catering to a variety of projects from presentations to social media posts. Alongside, its Magic Design feature takes user inputs or media to generate designs that align with specific brand aesthetics.

These tools are designed to assist users in creating tailored designs efficiently, without the need for extensive design skills.

Prezent enhances this approach by providing a comprehensive library of pre-filled slides and extensive 'Best Practice Examples' for various business scenarios. It promotes knowledge sharing and consistency across the enterprise with features like sanitizing confidential information and facilitating real-time collaboration through its 'Prezentation Library'. This makes Prezent a more holistic solution for creating, managing, and sharing presentations.

Canva allows users to share and create group projects, enhancing teamwork and project management. It supports team design efforts with live cursors, enabling members to see each other's actions in real-time, along with features for leaving comments and tagging tasks. Additionally, Canva provides a selection of sample slides to kickstart projects, offering inspiration.

Prezent has its dedicated Learn module. This feature is a game-changer for anyone looking to master the art and science of business communication. Prezent offers self-paced video courses that cover essential skills in problem-solving, story-lining, and crafting effective presentations. This educational content is designed to transform how users approach presentation creation and delivery.

Canva offers tutorials that are packaged as learning content, focusing on design principles and how to effectively use Canva's tools to create designs. While this resource is valuable for users looking to improve their design skills and make the most out of Canva, it's important to note that it primarily serves as a guide to navigating and maximizing the Canva platform. The tutorials are designed to enhance user experience on Canva, rather than providing a comprehensive education in design principles.

Prezent focuses on transforming presentations to be more effective and brand-aligned. Its 'Synthesis' feature condenses extensive decks into concise summaries, 'Template Converter' ensures all presentation elements meet brand standards, and 'Redesign' allows for a quick visual upgrade with brand-approved templates.

Canva enables manual slide customization, allowing users to edit, format, and animate slides. It also features a Brand Kit, which consolidates brand assets to ensure consistent design across projects, though it doesn't include a brand compliance check. Additionally, Brand Controls are available to restrict choices in fonts, colors, and templates.

Send your drafts presentations by 5:30 pm specific time and recieve a polished presentation by 9:30 am the next business day from the experts at Prezent. Prezent even provides custom projects and in-person learning workshops . All this at a price so low that it'll reduce your cost by 60%.

No such expert services are provided by Canva.

Trusted by the Fortune 2000

Trusted by the Fortune 2000

Enterprises love Prezent

“Prezent gives us our time back as an organization—saving us half the time it takes to build a presentation.”

Nate Bitting

Vice President, GTM Systems & Insights, Revenue Operations 

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Prezent not only helps us communicate—it effectively helps us educate our teams on the components and flow of different presentation themes and intent.

Roy Skillicorn

Senior Director, Customer Experience

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“We can now use our time in a different way. Instead of me spending three hours building a presentation, I can use three hours on something else.”

Jules Robertson

Associate Director of Product Marketing, Guardant Health

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Canva offers a platform that democratizes design through an extensive library of customizable templates and AI features like Magic Design. It caters to users of all skill levels, enabling them to create professional-looking designs. Canva's tools support a wide range of projects, from presentations and social media posts to brand materials.

Prezent, in contrast, is a comprehensive business communication AI platform that goes beyond traditional presentation tools. It offers advanced AI features for creating, customizing, and optimizing presentations. With capabilities like generating slides from text prompts, condensing extensive data into concise summaries, and ensuring brand consistency automatically, Prezent provides a holistic solution for enhancing business communications with personalized, effective presentations.