Interactive Communication Workshops

We’ve combined the best of structured problem-solving and visual storytelling into an interactive training program that works.

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Four Skills: 12 Courses


Foundations of defining problems

Learn how to approach any business problem by asking the right questions and influencing your stakeholders

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Structure problems like a rocket scientist

Tackle any open-ended problem using structuring techniques such as MECE, issue trees, and hypothesis trees

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Rockstar problem-solving

Accelerate your analysis with the best practices of 10x problem-solvers such as triangulation, heuristics, and pareto principle

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Empathize and win any audience

Discover why your audience matters and how to capture your audience's attention

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Tell stories that mesmerize

Understand how to structure storylines and master various storylining techniques to deliver your message to any audience

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Ace executive presentations

Discover the secret sauce that will help you nail your next C-suite presentation and leave a lasting impression on executives

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Creating presentations

Simple techniques for powerful communication

Learn how to communicate the most complex ideas using simple layouts and visualization techniques

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Data visualization essentials

Use data to your advantage and understand how to use the right layout to present numbers without losing your audience

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Design slides with ease

Learn tips and tricks that will help you elevate your PowerPoint game and build slides with ease

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Delivering presentations

Be effortlessly cool like Clooney

Discover how to use your voice and body language to present with confidence and stand out like George Clooney

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Present like Steve Jobs

Understand how to command the room through advanced persuasion techniques and theatre skills to build presence

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Ace virtual presentations

Shine on video conference calls and learn how to use technology and your surroundings to create maximum impact

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World-class faculty

Rajat Mishra

Rajat is an award-winning senior executive. Prior to Prezent, Rajat was a Senior Vice President at Cisco Systems where he held the P&L responsibility for Cisco’s $14B CX business, led a 1,000+ person team, and was responsible for the Strategy, Product Management, and Marketing functions. He has served in leadership roles at Mu Sigma, McKinsey & Company, and Microsoft Corporation and holds an MBA from Wharton Business School with Director’s List Honors.

Rajat was recognized in distinguished "40 Under 40" lists by both Wharton Business School and Silicon Valley Business Journal.

Deepti Juturu

Deepti is an award-winning entrepreneur and executive. She brings deep and rich healthcare expertise drawn from her time at ZS Associates, McKinsey & Company, and Genentech.

Deepti holds an MBA from Wharton Business School and a BS in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University. In 2018, Deepti was recognized in Silicon Valley Business Journal’s “40 Under 40" list.

Daily 2-3 minute videos

Every day you will receive a 2-3 minute video to reinforce the concepts we learn in our workshops. Digestible bite-sized reinforcement.
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