Case studies

How GBT saves $50K per employee annually with Prezent

Jessica Cara

November 7, 2022

“Before Prezent, we were spending close to 60% of our time making our slides look good.”

Nikhil Bhat
Sr. Director, Strategy and Operations at GBT


Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT) is a biopharmaceutical company focused on improving the care of people living with sickle cell disease and other underserved patient communities. Most recently, GBT was acquired by Pfizer.

Nikhil Bhat leads the Strategy and Operations division at GBT and advises the organization on its commercial strategy based on data analysis his team provides. Bhat’s team collaborates with GBT’s execution teams, like sales and marketing, and the primary way these teams communicate with each other is through presentations.


For Bhat’s team, they found themselves spending too much time—almost 60% of their time—building the presentation templates and making visual tweaks and adjustments. On average, each presentation took roughly three weeks to build, start to finish, with more than a week dedicated to formatting details and finishing touches.

Says Bhat, “My teammates were getting frustrated, saying they need to pay so much attention to the visual aspects of their presentation. Whereas the meat of their job, or the skills that they use, is actually in data analysis.”

GBT was also hiring outside design agencies for presentation support but the process was time-consuming and inefficient. It could take anywhere from 1–3 weeks to receive a workable first draft of the presentation after the initial 1–2 hour meeting to download all the information.


GBT needed a way to cut down the time spent on building presentations, so Bhat purchased Prezent software licenses for his team. With Prezent, Bhat says they are saving at least 50% of their time on building presentations, based on how that time was used prior to finishing touches and visual details.

“Now people are able to spend more thoughtful time on solving the actual problem versus thinking about earmarking time to put the slides together because they already know they have a reliable source with Prezent,” says Bhat.

“Everybody saw the value in [Prezent] because everybody has to communicate what they’re doing to somebody else.”

Nikhil Bhat
Sr. Director, Strategy and Operations at GBT


The efficiency and quality of the presentations were seen across GBT and soon other departments within the organization were asking to know the secret to Bhat’s productive team. Bhat showed Prezent to his colleagues, which led to the enterprise-wide adoption of Prezent at GBT, an employer of more than 450 people.

Prezent’s Customer Success (CS) team handled the rollout, including setting up an SSO for GBT, creating Fingerprints for executive members in the platform, and hosting onboarding training sessions for new users. Following the organization rollout, the CS team continues to support all Prezent member requests and needs.

The Prezent team is great and very responsive,” says Bhat. “In fact, at one point we had a presentation and for some reason our licenses were expired and [the Prezent Customer Success team] responded in 15 minutes to get it all up and running.”


With Prezent, all employees at GBT are efficient with their presentations and can devote their time to the data and content, rather than the details and design. Bhat estimates this is a 30% time-saving per full-time employee (FTE), which roughly translates to $50–60K per FTE per year.

In addition, GBT no longer needs to hire expensive design agencies, saving them the 1–3 weeks it initially took to receive a proper first draft, which estimates to be approximately $8-10K per presentation.

Because of Prezent, GBT is saving money and being more productive with their time—allowing them to focus on their mission of providing hope to underserved patient communities.